ASCI Ethics Management Program

Given the importance of industry participants consistently demonstrating ethical behaviour in building credibility and establishing an enduring professional framework, the importance of a comprehensive and robust Ethics Management Program for the industry cannot be understated.

Together with Industry Risk Review and Body of Knowledge, the ASCI Ethics Management Program is a core component of the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme. Under this scheme, individuals register as professionals and practitioners. It is the only program of its kind in the supply chain domain in Australia.

The ASCI Ethics Management Program is unique as it consists of the ASCI Code of Ethics which is supported by a comprehensive complaints management process that allows complaints to be submitted by external parties regarding breaches of ethical behaviour or business practices of a registrant. The process enables the complaint to be heard, with equitable rights of appeal for the individual in accordance with the legislation. The scheme also includes scope for a sanction or penalty and supportive remediation processes.

With its in-depth work on Professional Accreditation Scheme supported by the Ethics Management, Industry Risk Review and Technical Review Committees and rigour in the registration process, ASCI clearly differentiates itself as a Professional Accreditation Body, rather than simply being an traditional industry peak body.

Upon registration, candidates are required to commit and submit to the Ethics Management Program which ensures full commitment from the registrant and oversight and educational support by the ASCI Ethics Committee.

The details of the ASCI Ethics Management Program is available on the ASCI website at

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