ASCI Risk Management Program


Risk within supply chain has become more and more prominent from both a legislative and industry globalisation point of view. There are countless articles flooding our inbox about the risks of quality, delivery and customer experience.

Together with the Ethics Management Program and Body of Knowledge, the ASCI Risk Management Program is a core component of the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme. Under this scheme, individuals register as professionals and practitioners. It is the only program of its kind in the supply chain domain in Australia.

Crucial to ASCI’s submission to the Professional Standards Authority is the identification of the risks associated with decision making in the supply chain. Furthermore the PSA is interested in ensuring that, once supply chain management is legislated as a profession, the professional indemnity cap under legislation is determined at the correct level to suit the risk exposure in the supply chain profession.

Of course, ignoring supply chain risk has wide reaching consequences, such as penalties imposed by legislation, impacts to business continuity and the adverse effect to our own careers.

The ASCI Industry Risk Committee commenced in February 2019 as one of ASCI’s professionalisation committees, focussed on developing a Supply Chain Industry Risk Management Framework to support ASCI members in understanding potential decision risks and mitigation guidelines.

Currently, the committee is defining the themes that will comprise the Supply Chain Industry Risk Management Framework, i.e. sourcing and procurement risk, these themes will encompass the full spectrum of supply chain.

In the longer term, these themes will form a collection of papers in a library and fleshed out for the community via ASCI’s Roundtable Series, Leadership Series and Lunchtime Webinar Series for feedback, education and sharing.

The Risk Management committee welcomes feedback on themes that require attention.  Please contact us at

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